Could you be our new Grant’s co-ordinator?

Auckland Branch applies for many grants throughout the year to assist us in being able to continue our support and services to our PWCF and families. One example is last year we received $10,000 toward equipment costs – we were able to purchase Pari Compressors, Pari PEP’s and other vital equipment.    We have applied to various organisations for Breath4CF – Auckland PWCF receive annually approximately $15,000 from this fund.  We have in a previous year received a grant for the parking vouchers that PWCF and families receive at clinic.

Our current grants co-ordinators are taking a break and we need one or two people to share the voluntary role with the Auckland Branch Co-Ordinator, Kath – to be able to continue the level of support for our community. It may not be you but a couple of friends or family members who have some time and would enjoy the challenge and making a difference. Kath  has the job description, please give her or myself a call if you would like to find out more.

Jill Thorrat
021 1714612