Fundraising ideas

Thank you for choosing to help the Auckland cystic fibrosis community.

Would you like to help the branch at one of our events?

  • Movie night.
  • Awareness Week.
  • ‘Z’ Good in the Hood.
  • Auckland marathon.
  • Sailing day.
  • Sausage sizzle.
  • $65 for ’65 Roses’.

Would you like to ask your children’s school to run an event?

  • Sausage sizzle.
  • Bad or wacky hair day.
  • Mufti day.
  • Onesie day.
  • Chocolate fish day.
  • Bubbles day.

Would you and your family or friends like to run your own event?

  • Organise a collection or event for CF at your work or a club you belong to.
  • Sell CF merchandising (contact the CF office for details).
  • How about a barn dance, a family disco, a blue light (youth) disco, a salsa night, rock n roll night, an Irish hoolee.
  • Trivial Pursuit, BINGO or disco night.
  • Organize a car boot sale at the local school or church. Charge per car and proceeds to CF.
  • Have a tidy up and sell all your old ‘treasures’ on Trade Me or at a local flea market and donate the profits to CF.
  • Ask your workplace to have a Jeans Day/casual Friday/bad tie day and donate to CF for the ‘privilege’.
  • Hold a pot luck dinner, ‘speaker’ lunch (get an interesting person to give a talk or do a demonstration of some kind) or have a cocktail Party for some friends and raise money by charging and having a raffle or fun auction.
  • Have a ‘No Presents Birthday’ and donate the money you would spend on presents to CF.
  • Get a group to run a car wash for CF…maybe a church youth group, Scout or Guide pack, etc.

Would you like to share your story and spread awareness while raising money?

  • Offer to do a talk for the local Rotary or Lions club, church group or Probus. Take along a collections box for the table.
  • Offer to do a talk at a primary or secondary school to raise awareness. Build a relationship with your school and maybe they will remember this and hold a mufti day or help during Awareness Week.
  • Tell us about your event and we can help with marketing and perhaps getting a local paper to do an article.

Would you like to raise money through social media?

  • Let us know about your event and we can help advertise it to a wider audience through facebook or linking your event to our GiveALittle page (an online fundraising platform).

Have you got a ‘grand’ plan or another idea you would like to talk about?

  • Please contact the branch. No idea is too small or too big.

Are you inspired to help but nothing on this list quite fits the bill?

  • Please contact the branch. We will find something so that you can help.

Thank you to everyone that continues to support Auckland Cystic Fibrosis, we can’t do it without you!